J.M. Jones Lumber Company Products

J. M. Jones lumber company ships over 13 million board feet of Southern hardwood lumber annually to destinations throughout out the United States and abroad. To date we have shipped to over 24 countries. In an effort to stay in pace with our customers needs, we have convenient loading facilities for all modes of transportation. We can ship your products by truck, rail or water economically and efficiently.

Our species include:

  • Red Oak
  • Ash
  • Cottonwood
  • Willow
  • Red Elm
  • Hackberry
  • Poplar
  • White Oak
  • Pecan
  • Hickory

Much of our green lumber, especially our high grade oak, is dried under open air t-sheds to assure the lumber remains as bright as possible for our customers. We produce random width and length lumber in thicknesses from 3/4 to 12/4, depending on the species. We cut pallet stock and various industrial timbers out of our heart centers.

J. M. Jones also produces some specialty products and grade separations for our customers. We can make clear, sound square edged strips to your specifications at our remanufacturing facility. We also produce weight specific guitar stock ash. Our lumber is graded by certified NHLA lumber inspectors and packaged with care to our customers specifications.

Contact us at hjones@jolumco.com for all of your hardwood lumber needs.